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Baseball and Raspberry Pi
How to host your NodeJS application in a Docker container on a Raspberry Pi 3 Read More ›

GeoAmateurs Presentation May 12, 2015
A few weeks ago I was asked to share my experience in transitioning from a traditional desktop based GIS role into someone who now probably spends the majority of my time on web development. Read More ›

Thoughts: ESRI Developer Summit 2014
Last week I attended the ESRI Developer Summit in Palm Springs, CA.  This was my first venture inside the ESRI world, and I came away impressed. Read More ›

Census Reporter Amazon EC2 with TileMill and MapBox
My latest blog posts have been purely about accessing Census Reporter data.  That's important as a foundation, but now it's time to bring it all together and see how we can use this resource (and other amazing resources out there such as TileMill and MapBox) to create useful and informative projects. Read More ›

Connect Amazon EC2 to PgAdmin
In my previous post I gave some detailed instructions on how to connect Census Reporter's EC2 database to MS Access.  While sufficient for the purposes of most demographers, I realize that some may prefer to access the database in a much more direct way.  You can easily connect directly to PgAdmin III if you prefer, here's what you need to do: Read More ›

Using Census Reporter’s Amazon EC2 Database
For most demographers, "the cloud" and "big data" are nothing more than corporate buzzwords, often found in various combinations with overused business-speak such as "best practices" and "leveraging core competencies" Read More ›

Bruce Springsteen – Touring Heat Map
My latest project has been to take a career's worth of Bruce Springsteen tour dates (data courtesy of The Timoney Group) and try to make sense of it all. Read More ›