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Connect Amazon EC2 to PgAdmin

In my previous post I gave some detailed instructions on how to connect Census Reporter’s EC2 database to MS Access.  While sufficient for the purposes of most demographers, I realize that some may prefer to access the database in a much more direct way.  You can easily connect directly to PgAdmin III if you prefer, here’s what you need to do:

Refer to my previous blog post and make sure to follow steps 4 and 5.  PgAdmin will not be able to see your database if the security settings aren’t adjusted, so don’t skip these steps!

When adding a new connection, here’s what your PgAdmin III connection dialog should look like.

The password is ‘censuspassword’.

*To find the name of your Host, look back on your instance page and copy the Public DNS.

With any luck, you should be looking at this: